A few of our Marines missed this weeks Friday Fellowship. Other obligations, working too long, just plain tired and passed out right after work. The life of a Marine is rarely consistent. Though our group was smaller than usual, we still had a great time.

We are nearly finished our study of Romans, which we started on the first Friday of February, 2016. We brought back one of the favorite meals we have ever done, the Hot Dog bar. Four types of Hot Dogs, including North Carolina Red Hots, and all the fixings you would find at a New York hot dog stand. Seconds and thirds were had by almost everybody.

JENGAThe highlight of the night was Giant Jenga. My son Luke made the game from 2×4’s last year. Two rounds ended with a crash and lots of laughs.

We have many of our Marines shipping out this year, either leaving after completing their contract, or being PCS’d to other bases. We continue to reach out on the bases in Jacksonville and covet your prayers as we labor to bring more into the fellowship.