Challenges, Opportunities & Blessings

Everyone at the Center wants to thank you for your prayer and partnership as we meet the challenges in the new year, especially our building project. I have been in contact with many contractors but still have not found one who can take on our project. Please continue to pray that God would send us a North Carolina licensed General Contractor who has the time in his schedule to take on our project.

We recently re-launched our podcast “Field Notes with Dave Mason” which is available on iTunes, Stitcher and SoundCloud. This third season of the Podcast (which started with Episode 44) features a new and exciting format. Each week I am recording our Bible Studies held at the Center, along with the questions and answer session that follows. Now you can sit in with our Marines and Sailors as we study the Bible and discuss the lessons together.

Recently, Micah, one of our regular female Marine attendees, started a women’s Bible Study at a local coffee shop under the supervision of Patty. They meet for just an hour each Monday night, taking turns leading the study and fellowshipping. It has already grown to 14 participants.

At the end of the February we hosted the North and South Carolina Baptist Bible Fellowship Pastor’s Conference at the Center. About 25 pastors attended. Pastor Josh Newton, who sits on our Board of Directors, and I preached, our Assistant Director Luke Mason introduced our ministry, my youngest son Ben led worship and one of our Center Marines, Micah, sang a special song. Another of our Marines, Mason Montoya also gave a testimony. Speaking of Mason, I was honored to stand with Mason’s pastor, Ryan Hearn of Brookwood Baptist here in Jacksonville, and pin his chevrons on as he was promoted to Corporal.

During one of our regular Friday night meetings, a visiting Marine spoke up after the Bible Study and wanted to share a verse of scripture his Gunny had given him that day. The Scripture was John 3:16 and he read it like we all would having first discovered it. This young man is searching and I believe will soon find the free gift of salvation in Christ. Later that night (around 11:00 pm) many of our Marines were gathered in worship, playing guitars and singing in our Rec Hall. Another Marine asked if he could speak to me. God was gracious to allow me to lead him to a saving knowledge of Christ that night. As for the time, you read that right. Our Marines are staying at the Center till nearly midnight (sometimes after) each week. They don’t want to leave. It just shows me that God has brought about my prayer that we would truly be a “home away from home” for these Marines.

Keep Praying for us, God is just getting started!

Dave Mason