The weekend before last we had my Sister-in-Law and her two children from Maryland visit us to see our new home and to see the new ministry we are blessed to labor at. Saturday night we stopped by the center and Dusty, one of our regular Marines was here relaxing from his work week. Dusty and I started talking about how the Lord blessed in getting my Base Pass, and the idea sprang up to head over to Camp Johnson for Chapel the next morning.

I met Dusty early Sunday and we went to chapel. I met the new Chaplain who just started a few months ago and was enjoying the fellowship before the service when Walt comes through the side door! He hadn’t been over to the chapel on this base in a while and decided to stop by. We both looked at each other and laughed a little. The Lord put this on both of our hearts separately!

Proverbs 16:9… A man’s heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.

We are hopeful that a good relationship with the new chaplain will lead to being able to hold Bible Studies at the Camp Chapel very soon.

Last Monday I recorded the first episode of “Field Notes, The Podcast” and uploaded it to the front page of our website. I created an account with Soundcloud to be our podcast host and now the podcast is now available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Android. My goal is to record one podcast a week. There won’t be much in the way of news about the center on the Podcast, just a Bible study each week. Our first Bible Study will be verse by verse through the Book of John. Just search “Field Notes Dave Mason” on any of those platforms and you will see us. If you are blessed by the Podcast would you consider giving us a review, especially on iTunes? it will help to get the podcast further up iTunes search protocols, making it more likely folks who have never heard of Military Evangelism will find the podcast. If you are on an Apple device or just have iTunes installed on your Android or Windows phone, click this link and you will be taken directly to our Podcast.

Tuesday and Wednesday of last week we were joined at the Center by Dan Peters, the Chairman of our Board. Dan enjoyed meeting a couple of Marines who came out for our Tuesday Night Fellowship and stayed after the Devotions to chat well into the night. I am thankful to have such wonderful men holding up my arms and providing Biblical wisdom and insight as we move forward in the ministry.

Then last Thursday Morning more family came down to visit, this time my Parents and my Sister, Brother-in-Law and Nephew. Friday night they came out to the Center and Mom made her “famous” Chicken and Dumplings for the Marines. Everyone enjoyed the meal and the fellowship. Afterward we played “Giant Jenga,” a game my son Luke built out of 2×4’s. Everyone had a great time.


God is certainly moving! We are meeting new Marines every week and we thank The Lord for His many Blessings.

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