On The Road

Today was my first full day in the office since Patty and I went on our week and a half road trip. We visited 5 churches in all. We started our Deputation tour at Limerick Chapel in Limerick, PA. Pastor Dan Peters and his people were wonderful. Then we moved on to Grace Fellowship in Ephrata, PA and had a great time with a Q&A service, getting to know Photo Apr 20, 9 11 21 PMthe folks at Grace. Last Wednesday night we presented the ministry of Military Evangelism to Grace Bible Baptist in Baltimore. Dr. Earl Johnson and his incredible church were a blessing beyond measure and I am thankful to call this incredible man of God my friend.



We met with many friends for lunch through the week, including my pastor, Johnnie Brewer of New Life Baptist in White Marsh, MD, and Pastor Barry Secrest of Freedom Baptist in Dundalk, MD. Last Friday was the highlight for me and Patty though, as we met with our dear friends and supporters, Roger and Ann Boguski of Olivet Ministries International. Roger has been a confidant, mentor, and friend for nearly 20 years. I count him as probably my closest friend in the Ministry, and one of my very best friends ever.

Photo Apr 24, 12 15 15 PMThis past Sunday we were with Calvary Bible Church in Westminster, MD in the morning and then drove 3 hours to Southside Baptist in Camden,DE for the evening service. It was good to see my good Friend Pastor Chris Kondracki again. Photo Apr 24, 7 40 36 PMThank you Southside for taking us on for support!  Monday I had my first Bi-Annual board meeting as General Director of Military Evangelism, and then we headed home to North Carolina Tuesday morning.


After a two week hiatus due to the trip, the Podcast is back with a new episode this week.

You can listen to it on our website , on Soundcloud , or of course on iTunes.

Proverbs 24:3,4…Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established: And by knowledge shall the chambers be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

In the weeks leading up to our trip, we were apt to say we were taking a trip “back home”. A few days into the trip we realized that was not true.
Harford County MD was my home for 49 years. The coast of North Carolina is my home now. I walked through the streets of Bel Air and reminisced, but concluded it was not my home anymore. God moved us, and for good reason. I realize now, as I share the ministry with others, that Military Evangelism is where I belong. Maybe it’s where I belonged for a long time.

In 1998 I was attending a local church Bible Institute when Walt Croom visited one of our classes as a guest speaker. Walt and I talked after class that night and he invited me to visit the Center that Saturday night and preach the Chapel Service. That Chapel Service was the first time I ever preached and saw souls saved afterward. A Sargent and a Corporal raised their hands to receive Christ and I was stunned to think that God could use me to bring souls to Him.

Now I look back as the General Director of this Ministry and recognize the Hand of God guiding me and preparing me for this particular ministry. The information I have gathered over these last two decades has matured and been applied. The wisdom God has given me through applying that knowledge allows me to lead this Mission. And now I am able to “fill the chambers” of Marine’s hearts with the “pleasant and precious riches” of God’s Word.

Pray for me, Pray for Patty. We have many more weeks ahead of  us this year filled with travel and meetings. I still have Missions to accomplish here in Jacksonville. Missions that will take my full concentration and much of my available time.

I can’t wait to see what God is going to do next…

‘Till Jesus Returns,

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