430 miles travelled today, from Daleville, AL to Charleston, SC. Driving a 22ft. Passenger van and towing a 12 ft trailer. In a Sleep Inn watching FOX News and writing this post. On to the Center tomorrow, about a 5 hour drive since I cannot go over 55mph with the trailer attached. 

I have no pithy quotes and no bit of wisdom tonight except this: I talked with a good pastor friend tonight and he kept thanking me for the three years I have been hounding him about taking time off. He now has a schedule that he sticks to, takes one day off a week, and promised me he will continue to take the time to rest. It’s God plan, resting. He started it on the 7th day. 

Are you tired? God will understand if you take a break because you have been diligently working to advance His Kingdom and provide for your family. Take time to rest, then get back to work.


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