The trip to Daleville last week completely knocked my routine out of rhythm. And I am having a terrible time getting back into the swing. Many loose ends that need my attention, and that erodes my office hours. I shouldn’t complain. All the loose ends are good things. A new van  to tag and title. A meeting this week with the new Base Head Chaplain. God moments where I’m stopped in my tracks and all work has to be put on hold so I can invite, counsel, listen, you know, be a minister!

By Monday I should have all the loose ends tied up and be back in my regular schedule. Just in time to start my trips north for two Memorial Services, a Board Meeting, Church visits (My favorite) and catch up time with family. October is filled with trips as well, and hopefully a week off with my wife on a cruise at the end of the month. I turn 50 in October. I guess I’ll have the same struggle next week, and the week after.

The point of this post? Whenever we try to reboot, troubles will come along to stop us, if we let it. You will be slowed down. I challenged myself to post to this blog every day from two weeks ago Monday through October. I missed all but two days in the second week! And this week? Well its Wednesday night and I’m just now sitting in a coffee shop to write this.

But I’m writing it. Getting back into the groove. No matter what you are trying to change, when the opposition comes (and it will) push through it. Don’t let small temporary failures turn into permanent failures.  This post is 4 days late and nearly 200 words short of my daily goal. But it’s here.

Catch Up. Keep going. You may slow down, but don’t ever stop.

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