Its late Friday afternoon. Fellowship dinner and Bible Study start in a little over an hour. I’ve been in the office since 7:00 this morning. The Annual board Meeting is Monday and Patty and I are heading north tomorrow. We are presenting the ministry at my friend Gary Hayden’s church, Mid Way Baptist in Lewes, DE on Sunday morning.

My day so far? Recording the Podcast. Mixing, editing and uploading the same. A dozen phone calls. Shopping trip to restock the fridge at the Center. Packing Ministry materials for the trip. Gathering paperwork that accumulated after the Board meeting paperwork was finished. Creating an original digital painting for a sermon Powerpoint. Work on a new ministry video. Finishing touches to Sunday Morning’s sermon. And a futile attempt to clean my office.

I am ready for bed. But there is a dinner to cook (Ribeye night for the Marines!) and a Bible Study to hold, and I’ll have to pack when I get home around 10:00 tonight. We leave at 4:00 am.

Frazzled? Yep. But I wouldn’t live my life any other way. Work is good for the soul. Accomplishing things gives us a sense of purpose and value. Tomorrow I will enjoy a day in Ocean City, MD with the love of my life. That’s enough to keep me going.

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