First day in the office of the year, and nothing measurably accomplished. Of course. After taking off some time at the end of last year (last week) I hit the office this morning with great expectations. The problem? most everyone I needed to talk with today is off work. January 2 is a holiday for most. No mail service, Insurance and phone company reps are off, no one is responding to my emails.


Time to recalculate and spend this afternoon writing and studying.

It reminds me what my friend Ron Sears once told me. Its possible to sail against the wind if you sail at an angle to the forward wind and “zig zag” and move forward. Its not as fast as when the wind is at your back, but forward momentum is achieved. I have never sailed, but Wikipedia agrees with Ron so I am guessing he’s right.

When your plans fall through, do you get frustrated? Or do you tack against the wind and get a little further in your journey?

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